Privacy Policy

Regis University does not sell, rent, or lease personally identifiable student or employee information to outside vendors. Personal information provided to the University becomes property of the University and is stored and used for student service functions only, including provisions for directory information as defined by Regis University and authorized by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. However, the Regis University web site is a public domain and information contained therein may be seen and used by others. We recognize that you may choose to opt out of receiving marketing communications from Regis University College for Professional Studies (CPS). If you prefer to do so, please email us your request to unsubscribe from further marketing communications from the CPS Marketing Department. Please note, however, that this request may unsubscribe you from other important university communications. Regis University reserves the right to alter the provisions of this principle at any time and without prior notice and any such changes will be posted to the Regis University web site in a timely manner.